museum of Human Beings

Colin Sargent

Maine Charitable Mechanic Association

Library Open House 11-2:00-THURSDAY-DEC.17,2009

Reading at 12:00


Colin Sargent gives a reading from his book at noon in the MCMA library during our holiday open house. The public is

welcome to meet the author and find out whatever happen to (Lewis&Clark’s guide ) Sacagawea’s infant son."There's so much to recommend this book. Fans of American historicals such as James Thom or Allan Eckert will definitely enjoy this, but so would fans of T. C. Boyle

or William Vollmann or WayneJohnston as well.

Literate historical Americana--what a treat!"--


Sargent is a playwright and author of three

books of poetry. A graduate of the United

States Naval Academy, he has been awarded

the Maine individual artist fellowship in

literature and earned a Stonecoast MFA in

creative writing. His screenplay Montebello

Ice is under option at Gideon Films. The

Portland, Maine resident is founding editor

and publisher of award-winning Portland

Magazine as well as a board member of the

literacy organization Maine Reads. Museum of Human Beings is his first

novel. According to Publishers Weekly,

“Playwright Sargent’s debut novel is a

stylish look at the fate of Sacagawea’s baby

son, Jean Baptiste Charbonneau… An

impressively rounded portrait of the laidback,

introspective, nomadic Baptiste, this

novel will satisfy fans of American history.”

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  1. You mean well, but I regret to inform you that Sargent's book is laden with pornography. Please be forewarned.