The question of the 1841 Banners staying as a complete collection in Portland was answered by Maine Historical Society and a consortium of supporting museums, Thursday Aug.26,2010.The MHS team won the bids on all seventeen and when the whole collection was tallied at $109,000 plus 10%, a starting bid of $120,000 was put to the floor for the opportunity to bid on the complete package of seventeen banners and there were no bidders to be found, so the MHS team will now be the care takers of the historic trade banners of the Maine Charitable Mechanic Association. There was a lot of smiling faces and applause after the final hammer.Congratulations to the MHS team on their hard work in a short timetable to be able to pull together to keep the collection here in Maine at a bargain price.Lot #2115-Pump&Blockmakers , Mast & Sparmakers,Ropemakers,Riggers and Sailmakers-"WE LAY the FOUNDATIONS of COMMERCIAL ENTERPRISES" received the highest bid-$27,000
The H.H.Boody painting-hammer price of $34,000, unknown buyer.

LOT 2013 - ADDITIONAL NOTES DISCOVERED AFTER THE PRINTING OF THE CATALOG REGARDING THE DUNCAN MCFARLANE PAINTING Consigned by the Maine Charitable Mechanic Association - Research from the Maine Maritime Museum in Bath, Maine, indicates that the H.H. Boody was built in 1846 in Brunswick, Maine by Master Carpenter Samuel Dunning; 665 tons, 143í9î reg. length. There were several part owners of the H.H. Boody including Joseph Badger and Clement Skofield. Skofield was the shipís First Captian, followed by his brother Thomas. The H.H. Boody was built for trans-Atlantic trade and carried both passengers and cargo. The H.H. Boody had the same owners until 1861 when it went aground in Ireland. It was later condemned and sold. The ship was named after H. H. Boody who was a professor at Bowdoin College, Bowdoin, Maine. Of additional interest is the fact that the Maine Charitable Mechanic Associations member list indicates a Henry H. Boody as being a member as of July 11, 1816 whose trade was a Cordwainer and it was Henry H. Boody who actually donated this painting to the Maine Charitable Mechanic Association. Perhaps this member of the Association was a father, brother, etc. of Professor H.H. Boody.

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