October 1st,First Friday Art Walk will feature MCMA member Joan Bennert, exhibiting her water colors and acrylics of Maine and Puerto Rico and through out the month in the library.

The Travel Lecture series starts Monday Oct. 4.@ Catherine McAuley H.S. Auditorium,631 Stevens Ave.,presentation starts at 7:30,doors open at 6:45, Handicap accessible and plenty of parking. FRAN & BROOK REIDELBERGER


The Central Highlands of Mexico are known to the local people, and a few savvy travelers as the the “Land of Eternal Spring.” Traveling from Mexico City we will see ancient ruins, colonial silver towns, modern retirement meccas, active volcanos, and many other interesting sites, all of which are part of “The Other Side of Mexico.” This is an all new digital production by Fran and Brook Reidelberger exploring part of our southern neighbors far from the daily headlines.

FRAN REIDELBERGER, from Grayling, MI, has been checking out the other side of the mountain since his childhood days in Nashville, IL. He appears regularly on many major travel lecture platforms, including the National Geographic Society and the Carnegie Institute. Fran and his filmmaker wife Brooke believe that if people of the world understood each other better there would be less chance for hostility and more chance for world peace.

Thursday,Oct. 7th Quarterly meeting for the membership in the library,9:00 am

Monday, October 11,2010-SECOND TRAVEL LECTURE

Fran & Brook Reidelberger


Starting in the mid-1700s to the 19th Century, more then 5,000 miles of canals crisscrossed England, Scotland and Wales.They served as the internal transportation system for Great Britain. Since that time, the canals have become a playground for the holiday boaters, as well as”home” for many retirees who live on their floating homes year round. Fran and Brook rented an old fashion canal boat to film past history and discover modern engineering marvels and enjoy the beautiful British countryside. Bring your lifejacket and join them in this exciting adventure.

Thursday, Oct14th, Lunch Time lecture at 12.00, bring your lunch, drinks and desserts provided.Guest speaker MCMA member Charles P. M. Outwin, Portland Historian, the author of “Thriving and Elegant Town: Eighteenth Century Portland as a Commercial Center” in the book-Creating Portland-2005.He will bring to light lots of early Portland History, with his unique and knowledgeable insight to pre 1800 Portland.

Thursday Oct.28th, Lunch Time Book Talk-Jane Smith Bernhardt, discussing her new book “We Are Here,Love Never Dies”, more info on Jane can be found @

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